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Llamawerx Announces 1st International Engagement

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Abloco Wireless Solutions, located in the Netherlands, has selected Llamawerx to redesign their website and focus their message on the newly released iSpecto product. iSpecto, an innovative wireless camera, combines best-of-breed components including video, audio, wireless, motion detection, solar and remote management into a unique video solution.“Llamawerx is incredibly happy to be working with Abloco. Not only are we excited about working with our first international client, but we’re really excited about iSpecto. By combining state-of-the-art components into a great package, I think they have an outstanding platform for creating video surveillance solutions,” said Llamawerx co-founder Doug Griswold.

Marcel Staaks of Abloco Wireless Solutions states, “Frankly, our current website doesn’t reflect our company’s core competency. We compete throughout Europe and a Dutch language site doesn’t reach as many clients as we would like. By partnering with Llamawerx, we will create a multi-lingual site capable of educating the community about iSpecto and our unique value proposition.”

The website is only the first step in the Abloco/Llamawerx relationship. According to Griswold, “Abloco’s roadmap calls for additional services in the iSpecto suite. In the future, we expect to work with Abloco to define and develop a web-based “dashboard” supporting the delivery of their services.” Once the product gains traction in Europe, Abloco plans to introduce it into the US market.