Do You Squidoo?

Squidoo is an online community of lensmasters. What is a lensmaster you might ask? Well first you need to understand what a lens is. A lens is a one-page webpage dedicated to one subject. A lensmaster creates the lens for others to see through. Since everyone is an expert on something, everyone is a potential lensmaster. Seth Godin, author of numerous bestsellers founded Squidoo with the goal of bringing human recommendations to search while paying money to the lensmasters (or their charity). Oh yeah, have a little fun along the way.Embracing Squidoo, I’ve created my first lens Website Design: CSS. I know, it’s nerdy, but it’s my first attempt. Like other lenses, I try to provide some nuggets of knowledge, some important web links and a couple of books. Click on some ads or buy a book and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society receives a donation.

Can Squidoo help you? Can you reach new audiences? Expand your brand? Connect with others? Or just do a little something for the greater good. If you need a hand getting started, just contact Llamawerx today.

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