Recently Launched: BuxTools

BuxtoolsBuxTools, maker of the patented C-Clipper, approached Llamawerx to redevelop their website. Through a series of unfortunate events, the site had disappeared from the Internet. “When they contacted us, they had a domain name but nothing else. No way to access it, no passwords, no files… the site was gone.” said Doug Griswold, CEO of Llamawerx. “We made a few calls, did some web forensics and let them know we could salvage most of their previous content and pictures. And, if they wanted to freshen-up their site some, we would be happy to do that too.”

The result is a new website sporting a cleaner layout with less visual clutter. “I tend to think less-is-more,” explains Griswold. The underlying coding is slimmer too. “By hand coding our sites the bloat associated with many web design tools disappears. Using styles, standards and image optimization we routinely trim 50% off of the download size — and a smaller size directly reduces page load times.” Studies have shown web users are extremely fickle when it comes to webpage load delays. Some suggest a 4 second limit. Others more generously allow 15. “It comes down to your visitors’ attention span and how interested they are in your information. We’re not compulsive about it, but we follow a few patterns and if we see opportunities to improve the speed we do it.” explains Griswold.

The results? Within one day of taking the new site live, the first request for information about the C-Clipper came in.

Visit BuxTools’ new site to learn more about BuxTools and C-Clipper.

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