Recently Launched: BuxTools Paypal

Buxtools sells a unique product call C-Clipper to motorcycle, ATV and powersport enthusiasts. C-Clipper makes it easy to install wrist-pins on your 2- or 4-stroke engine. Now, C-Clipper is available online using PayPal for secure credit card transactions.

“We took the standard PayPal button and modified it to simplify integration in BuxTools’ website,” said Doug Griswold, CEO of Llamawerx. “The product varies based on the engine you’re repairing. It would be unusual for someone to purchase multiple products at a time. Therefore, the simple ‘Buy Now’ approach works well.”

Analytics track page impressions for the catalog page and can be correlated to purchase email from PayPal.

You can visit BuxTools at for more information.

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