Recently Launched: Colorful Concepts Interior Design

colorful conceptsLlamawerx and Sally Williams recently collaborated on a website makeover for her firm Colorful Concepts Interior Design.  Sally was our first website client over six years ago, and while her site served her well, many things have changed on the web in that time.

“When Sally asked for suggestions for an update, I think she was thinking about content changes, maybe a few new pictures, that sort of thing,” said Doug Griswold, CEO of Llamawerx. “But I had more in mind, I wanted to let her fabulous pictures tell the story. Her life is interior design; clients looking for an designer want to see results!”

The existing site contained static text and photos. There wasn’t much to catch your eye or hold your attention. After taking stock, it became clear that we could reduce the text down to a couple of short pages and expand her portfolio dramatically. Her previous site showed before and after photos. This worked well for projects where she had before shots, but unfortunately that wasn’t always the case. After some discussion we decided to discard the before shots and focus solely on the results.

Continued Griswold, “I wanted to add movement to the site in a pleasing sort of way. I thought we could fade some of the key pictures in and out. Nothing distracting, just a smooth effect. I also wanted to add a portfolio showcasing here remodeling, new construction and Parade of Homes projects. I’m not a fan of Flash so I chose jQuery to help with the cross-browser effects.”

The results are very pleasing with an interesting scrolling effect leading the viewer through the site.

For more information about Sally and her firm Colorful Concepts, visit the new website at

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