What’s in a Name? Everyone asks...

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Purchase a llama and support families in less developed regions of the world.

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Improves the health and well-being of animals by funding humane health studies.

Anyone who’s tried to start a company has probably struggled with the name. I know we did. Sitting around the table in 2001, the founders of Llamawerx struggled with the question, “What should we call ourselves?” Maybe we could use our initials, or an acronym, or just some nonsensical collection of letters. Should we be, “Something Something Technology” or “Blah Blah Solutions.” Despair began to set in. Nothing seemed very memorable. One of the founders had an interest in alpacas — close cousins of the llama. Using a play on words, someone suggested Llamaworks. Better check domain name availability. Oops, taken. What about Llamawerx? Pronounced “llama works”, it rolls nicely off the tongue, is memorable, and the URL was available.

Llamas are...

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