Wireless & Mobility: Results on the Move

Whether tracking your assets, securing your infrastructure, or reducing service costs, wireless technology can have an immediate impact on your company’s bottom line.

Fleet Management

Companies worldwide operate fleets of vehicles in their daily business. Increasingly, these firms rely on intelligent devices combining cellular communication and satellite positioning to deliver up-to-the-minute information to decision makers.

Access Control & Monitoring

Monitoring remote infrastructure used to rely on expensive, specialized radio technology. Today’s cellular coverage makes it an option in all but the most remote areas. Reliable two-way communication allows monitoring of inputs as well as sophisticated command & control.

Remote Surveillance

Access to a secure area often requires visual recognition to answer the question, “Should they be here?” Combining access control, cellular communication and a camera enables photos to be quickly delivered to monitoring personnel anywhere in the world for verification.

Wildlife Management

Farmers, ranchers and game management battle invasive animals every day. Adding high-tech cameras to low-tech traps creates a “smart trap” capable of sending photos via email and SMS. These notifications enable fewer trappers to monitor large areas more efficiently.

Arcade Game Management

Tokens, tickets and prizes! Arcade managers need dynamic information to keep the arcade running smoothly. Which games are being played, how often and what's the payout? A wireless mesh-network simplifies installation eliminating wires, access points and network planning.

Vehicle Tracking & Recovery

Owners, insurance companies and law enforcement have a stake in recovering nearly 1 million stolen vehicles each year in the US. An AVL solution combining GPS and two-way communication can track and safely disable the vehicle increasing the chances of a recovery.