Apple, Android & Open AT: Accelerate your mobile project

Apple iOS & Android

Consumer mobile technology, smartphones or tablets, Android or Apple, open up new opportunities for our clients. Data collection and dissemination becomes smaller, cheaper, faster — delivered when and where it’s needed.

Apple’s iOS devices set the bar in today’s smartphone and tablet world. A consistent programming model along with limited device options allows the customer to deliver a consistent experience across devices. Google’s Android operating system runs on dozens of smartphones and tablets each with its own pros and cons. Android’s open nature often allows more flexibility by adding complexity.

Recently, a Llamawerx client faced this challenge: their application running on a Palm Pilot was no longer a viable option. It communicates with factory equipment using Bluetooth and modifying the equipment would be prohibitively expensive. So they turned to Llamawerx to create a custom Android application mimicking the wireless protocol while simultaneously delivering a new, touch interface on a tablet.

Sierra Wireless Open AT

Sierra Wireless’ Wavecom Open AT architecture lowers cost, reduces risk and shrinks your time-to-market, but the learning curve is steep. Our engineers understand the capabilities in order to map them into your product. Whether choosing an off-the-shelf solution like Fastrack or designing custom hardware, our software provides the smarts for your smart device

Along with trained Open AT professionals, our firm has real-world Open AT experience delivering solutions using Wavecom’s Q26, WMP and Fastrack processors, Trimble, SiRF & uBlox GPS and GPRS.

Llamawerx’s Jumpstart for Open AT provides a proprietary framework for commonly used M2M features like SMS, GPRS, GPS, and GPIO. By layering functionality on top of the Wavecom APIs, Jumpstart for Open AT codifies a design and programming structure ready to customize.

The advantage is unmistakable. Analysis of a typical Llamawerx/Open AT project uncovered 7744 lines of “C” code. Of those 7744 lines, 4505 were new and 3240 were from Jumpstart for Open AT. Applying Jumpstart saved our client over 2 man-weeks of software development.