Web Applications: Information direct to your browser

Biological Sample Repository

With hundred of thousands of uniquely identifiable biological samples under their control, an accurate inventory is crucial to Cryogene Lab. Custom web-workflows backed by a robust relational database and audit trail keep track of the biological samples, who accesses them and when. An always-on, warm-backup ensures smooth operation in the case of an emergency.

Barcode Layout & Printing

Visit a hospital and you will see barcodes on wristbands, blood tubes, paperwork and a myriad of other things. In a regulated environment, changes to a computer program lead to costly and time consuming validation. Separating barcode layout and printing from the hospital management system enables changes to be tested, validated and deployed quickly.

Communities and Associations

Most online associations and communities need a public facing website along with password protected information making users, passwords and access management critical. Integrating with merchant accounts or PayPal streamlines the process allowing new members to come online, purchase a subscription, renew a plan or register for an event without intervention.


It’s hard to imagine a business, product, service or non-profit without a website. Some simply relay important facts in a straightforward manner. Others require a sophisticated layout to organize large amounts of information. Click on the slide show to the right to see some of our work.

Asset Tracking

A GPS in a car or truck reports the position over a wireless network, but how do humans use that information? With Google Maps, positions overlay an area map and clicking decodes to displays the message. After drawing fences and routes on the map, an operator sends the information wirelessly to the vehicle.

Transportation Logistics

Logistics is knowing what you have and where you have it, but data from separate systems can be difficult to visualize. By consolidating reports, decoding EDI messages and interfacing with silo-ed systems, managers can know where their rail cars and make quicker dispatching decisions. Web-forms streamline the manual work-flow from client to transportation broker.