Agile Process: Delivering Value, Driving Success

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Agile methodologies address today’s reality

  • incremental
  • coorperative
  • adaptive
  • straighforward

Our agile philosophy emphasizes flexibility, communications and trust; it’s not what you plan to deliver that counts, it’s what you do deliver.

Changing requirements, shifting markets, and accelerating time-to-market demand new ways of thinking. These aren’t just business concerns; product development must embrace these changes too. We combine solid technical background with “outside the box thinking”. Challenging conventional wisdom allows us to step in quickly, generate new ideas, and drive success.

Our objective is simple: deliver value while continuously driving success

Llamawerx is founded on the principle that situations change rapidly. With our clients, we take an adaptive approach. Six month planning cycles, followed by a year of development, and three months of testing don’t allow your business the flexibility to stay ahead and excel in today’s competitive market.