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Llamawerx And RRLX Complete Initial Integration

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

RALEIGH, NC — Llamawerx is proud to announce the completion of a website redesign and information integration project for Rail Logistics (RRLX). Rail Logistics is a third-party logistics operation specializing in turn-key rail services throughout North America.According to Doug Griswold, CEO of Llamawerx, “Rail Logistics’ goal is to leverage their website in order to streamline their business processes. So the first thing we had to do was put the site on a strong technical footing,” continued Griswold. “We redeveloped the existing site with modern tools, added some foundation work and hosted it on a dedicated server and relational database.”

Once the site was transitioned to the new server, two components were chosen for the initial integration – customer reports and shipping instructions.

First, a set of daily reports was made available to RRLX customers via the website. Previously emailed to individual inboxes, the reports are now centrally located, organized and available via the web. “We’re all inundated with email and this is one small step to improve the distribution and organization of these daily reports,” said Griswold.

Next, integration with a web based rail shipping instruction service provides RRLX customers with a streamlined electronic method for creating their own shipping instructions. “By tightly integrating the branded application into the RRLX website, we’ve eliminated the redundant steps involved with creating the shipping instructions and eliminated the need for users to interact with different railroad systems. We’ve also captured the EDI messages into a database for Rail Logistics’ analysis,” added Griswold.

“Working with clients, we take into consideration their needs, their goals, and their budget,” added Griswold. “Large or small, we find unique solutions to tie it all together.”

ClearType: Improving your LCD Appearance

Friday, June 2nd, 2006

With more and more people using flat panel displays, it might be useful to try Microsoft’s ClearType technology. An option in Windows XP, ClearType font enhancement technology is intended to enhance the readability of text on LCD devices like your laptop or flat panel monitor. According to results from the University of Texas, people selected ClearType text 80% of the time. Also, when completing everyday office tasks, participants read from a computer screen 30 seconds faster.If you have Windows XP, you can turn ClearType on…

  1. Right-click on your Desktop and select Properties
  2. Click the Appearance tab
  3. Click the Effects button
  4. Click the checkbox by Use the following method to smooth edges of font screens
  5. Select ClearType from the drop down box
  6. Click OK

Note: this option should only be enabled if you are using an LCD display – and of course, your mileage may vary.