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Jumpstart for Open AT

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Llamawerx is pleased to announce the release of Jumpstart for Open AT a framework for building applications using Wavecom’s Open AT environment. “Open AT is a great environment for building wireless applications on top of Wavecom’s products,” said Doug Griswold, CEO of Llamawerx. “There are a lot of APIs and you can do amazing things, but starting from scratch can be daunting.”

Llamawerx’s Jumpstart for Open AT provides a proprietary framework for commonly used features like SMS, GPRS, GPS, and GPIO. By layering higher level functionality on top of the Wavecom APIs, Jumpstart for Open AT codifies a design structure that easily expands.

“While writing M2M applications for Open AT, we found ourselves doing the same thing over-and-over – encoding and decoding messages, executing commands, handling local control, queuing output, etc,” explained Griswold. “Why not extract that design, code and the testing that went along with it and package it.”

The advantage is unmistakable. Analysis of a Llamawerx project uncovered 7744 lines of “C” code. Of those 7744 lines, 4505 were new and 3240 were from Jumpstart for Open AT. Applying Jumpstart saved this client at least 88 man-hours of effort. “The ability to quickly get something up and running is a great advantage,” according to Griswold. “It allows us to deliver functionality very quickly that the client can see and use.”

Jumpstart for Open AT goes beyond the Open AT APIs by incorporating higher level functionality and design:

  • Flash access
  • GPIO monitoring and activation
  • GPS positioning
  • Local control commands
  • Message encoding/decoding
  • Non-volatile data structures
  • Over-the-air download
  • Queuing and retrying output
  • Startup coordination and supervision
  • State machines
  • Tracing and debug output

For more information on Jumpstart AT and other M2M services, contact Llamawerx at