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Recently Launched: BuxTools Paypal

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Buxtools sells a unique product call C-Clipper to motorcycle, ATV and powersport enthusiasts. C-Clipper makes it easy to install wrist-pins on your 2- or 4-stroke engine. Now, C-Clipper is available online using PayPal for secure credit card transactions.

“We took the standard PayPal button and modified it to simplify integration in BuxTools’ website,” said Doug Griswold, CEO of Llamawerx. “The product varies based on the engine you’re repairing. It would be unusual for someone to purchase multiple products at a time. Therefore, the simple ‘Buy Now’ approach works well.”

Analytics track page impressions for the catalog page and can be correlated to purchase email from PayPal.

You can visit BuxTools at for more information.

Recently Launched: Cryotrax2

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Shortly after Llamawerx launched in 2003, we delivered our first application, called Cryotrax, to Cryogene Lab. For seven years, Cryogene used our software to catalog, inventory and manage biological samples in their bio-repository. Earlier this year, Cryogene signed a new pharmaceutical client which would increase the number of samples tracked by Cryotrax almost 4-fold. Seven years is a long time for software and many of the original technologies changed. This expansion kick-started an opportunity to modernize the platform and application.

Creatively called, Cryotrax2, the new software maintains the original database structure but is totally re-architected using HTML, Javascript, DHTMLX and PHP. In March 2010, Llamawerx installed the first phase allowing migration of new client data and search capability. Within days we converted thousands of inventoried boxes holding up to 81 samples into individual tubes, cryovials, etc. During this time, the original Cryotrax software continued to operate and serve Cryogene.

In September 2010, Llamawerx installed the final phase of Cryotrax2 and decommissioned the original software. The new software is 100% web-based across a variety of modern web browsers. We added new functionality like direct placement of samples while retaining automatic space selection and a new “space/time” algorithm. Storage and retrieval operations take less time and support Cryogene’s workflow better than the original. Brady barcode printing is now an optional workflow step supporting clients that need barcodes and those that already have them.

“Overall, we delivered a successful update to our original product,” said Doug Griswold, CEO of Llamawerx. “Not only does Cryogene get a tool more integrated with their workflow, we get a platform and toolset that can grow for many more years.”